Electing industry should be be open, straightforward and honest!
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Electing industry should be be open, 
straightforward and honest!

选举通(Xuanjutong), as Beijing ElectPro Technology Co.,Ltd ’s Chinese brand, has been used for one year by our company and has been enjoying a good reputation from our customers and great influences in election industry. However, we found recently that Chengdu Information Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences Co.,Ltd(CASIT),one holding company of the Chinese academy of sciences and a so called leading company in election Industry, registered our trademark 选举通(Xuanjutong) by pirating. We feel very sorry for this scandal. How can this
company survive the society which greatly calls for honesty and fairness? How can the customers believe that the election products from this company’s machine are credible and reliable? Without honesty, how can this company be expected to cooperate with other parties?
Founded in 2008 and having service centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiyuan, our company has been providing reliable products and effective services, which are our mission, and enjoying high praises in the election industry. Many customers chose our products and services because 选举通(Xuanjutong) represents fairness, independence and high efficiency. 
Chinese election industry has great potential in both commercial prospects and social benefits. In the past years, with open and straightforward mind, we has been actively promoting the sharing of information and exchanges with our peers, hoping sincerely that more and more domestic companies and enterprises will enter the electing industry to make the industry bigger and stronger. We hope that we can push the election industry move forwards healthily by fair and orderly competition.
However, to our great anger, when we wanted to get 选举通(xuanjutong) registered, we found that CASIT, the above mentioned company, got 选举通(xuanjutong) registered before us in July, 2015, leading to our application rejected. This scandal is a typical improper competition way which is not open and straightforward.
Mr. Gao Haiyan, CEO of Beijing ElectPro technology Co.,Ltd says, “选举通(xuanjutong) is a brand created by our company after many years’ practice and investigation and combination of feedback advice from customers. It is the evolution of the original brand and it is popular, easy to understand and be accepted by the market. It is the result of our team’s hard work and our advertisement for this brand. 选举通(xuanjutong) represents our expectation to provide fair and just products with high technology for Chinese voters.”
What are the most important things for the election products and services? They are transparency, sunshine, fairness and justice. These things are not only the demand for an election company, but also they represent Chinese voters’ expectation. CASIT has absolutely forgotten these things and ignored the state-owned title to play petty tricks, which shows that CASIT is stupid and short-sighted. We feel very sorry for CASIT which has self-ruined its basis of transparency, sunshine, fairness and justice. How can a company be expected to stand and survive morally in the election industry if it is short sighted, doesn’t have honesty, only runs for profit, pirates other company’s trademark? How can this kind of company expect voters to believe that its products are credible, independent and fair instead of being disturbed intentionally by people?
We will reserve our right to take further actions. We have abundant evidence to prove that 选举通(xuanjutong) has been widely advertised by our company and has been exercising great influence in the election industry. And we also appeal to press persons who have a conscience and a sense of justice to pay close attention to this affair. With our condemn and actions, the due price will be paid by this kind of company which treats transparency, sunshine, fairness and justice with contempt. No matter whether it is state owned, whether it has so called back ground, it should follow the rule of “transparency, sunshine, fairness and justice in the election industry.”
Some evidence to prove that our company has used the brand 选举通(xuanjutong) long before:
1. As early as on 2-4, December,2014, our brand 选举通(xuanjutong) was used in the first electronic voting experience pavilion in the national conference center. 

(Red box is our electronic ballot boxes, background is our Chinese trademark 
选举通(xuanjutong) and English trademark ElectPro)

(Reference of South Korea's polling place, we design a Write ballot place, 
it also has our company's LOGO and brand, the wireless channel 
also has the wording 选举通(xuanjutong) and ElectPro)

(Many visitors are very excited to be able to experience a vote, 
photographed in succession)
2. Till 11, December, 2015, search the key word 选举通(xuanjutong), the results are 841,000 in Baidu.com . On the home page are 
about our company’s products and services. 







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